Chase the Ace May 14th Results

May 14th was our weekly Chase the Ace draw.  We had a great crowd in attendance to watch the draw.  The 50/50 draw for the week winner was Kyle Wilson, lucky Kyle wins $147.00 and that means $147.00 to our barbeque fundraiser. Our weekly sales were $1160.00. The Chase the ace ticket drawn this week was Debbie Bustard , Debbie was not in attendance, so our ticket master for the evening Daryl McCully chose the 10 of spades.  Debbie Bustard wins $232.00. So , our jackpot of $1963.50 did not go, it will continue to build next week, well over $2000. Thanks for all of your support , keep buying those tickets

Chase the Ace May 7th Results

May 7th, 2018, was our Chase The Ace draw, we saw our largest crowd in attendance.  Thank you to all those who came out and ate, drank and made merry!!  Our ticket sales for the week were $981.00.  Our master of ceremonies for the event was our president Daryl McCully.  The winning ticket for $196.20 ,was drawn by a member of the audience, the winner was Clyde Hicks.  Clyde was not in attendance, so our appointed ticket master for the evening was Jim MacAdam, Jim drew a card for Clyde , he drew the Six of Clubs. The accumulated jack pot of $1673.50 did not go.  We had great support with our 50/50 draw , selling $265.00 total, $132.50 going to the winner Kathy Smith.  The other half , $132.50 goes to our barbeque fundraiser.

Reminder that May is PVGCC month for the 50/50 with our proceeds dedicated to the barbeque fundraiser.  June will be Petitcodiac Boys and Girls 50/50.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and a reminder that tickets go on sale tomorrow for next weeks draw!!  Remember, you don’t have to be here to win, so come on out and get your tickets.


Chase the Ace April 30th Results

April 30, 2018, was Chase the Ace night at PVGCC. Ticket sales for this week reached an all time high of $1103.00 . Our Ticketmaster for the evening was Rodney Shirley, President of the Petitcodiac Boys and Girls Club Board. Rodney drew the winning ticket with Betty Cain’s name on it. Betty was in attendance and drew the Queen of Clubs for a take home amount $220.60. The $1428.25 accumulated pot did not go. Tickets for next week go on sale tomorrow. The 50/50 winner was Robert (Beep)Dunham $27.50.



Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club will have the course open 9 am Friday, April 27 th 2018. Please note course will be open to walkers only. No carts. All 18 holes are open and NO TEMPORARY GREENS. Friday is “First come First serve ” basis, but we will be accepting tee times for Saturday onward. Our rate is $30.00 plus tax. Please call the course if you have any questions 756-8129, or to book tee times Saturday onward.

Please share the good news, and let the season begin!!

April 23rd Chase the Ace Results

Chase the Ace draw was held , April 23, 2018 at 8:15pm.  The accumulated pot for tonight was $1152.50.  The winning ticket for tonight was Henry Fawcett who won $181.00.  The designated ticket master for the evening was our president Daryl McCully, he pulled  out the 6 of spades.  So the accumulated pot did not go, it will increase for next week. The 50/50 draw saw 22.50 for the Boys and Girls Club and 22.50 for the lucky winner Daryl McCully.

Many thanks to all those that bought tickets and support our draw. Tickets for next week on sale tomorrow.

New Membership Options

Reciprocal Course Membership

  • Already a member of another golf course
  • Not eligible to play in Club Championship tournaments
  • Not eligible for cart storage/trail fee
  • ONLY $299.99 (plus tax)

 New Member of the PVGCC

  • Have not been a member of the Petitcodiac Valley Golf & Country Club for a minimum of the past 2 seasons
  • Full membership privileges (eligible for cart storage/trail fee, club championships, etc)
  • ONLY $399.99 (plus tax)-  1st year
  • ONLY $449.99 (plus tax) + $50.00 initiation fee – 2nd year
  • ONLY $499.99 (plus tax) + remaining $50.00 initiation fee- 3rd year
  • FULL Membership – 4th year +


See Course Info for membership application


April 16 Chase the Ace Results

The second Chase the Ace draw was held tonight Monday April 16th, at 8:15pm saw Mike McCully as our winner.  Mike was not in attendance so our Ticketmaster , Daryl McCully, picked a card for him.  The ticketmaster chose the 9 of spades, which gave Mike $180.00.  The Chase the Ace pot for this week was $926.25, that was not won, it will just get bigger and better for next weeks draw.

April 9th Chase the Ace Results

Monday evening, April 9th saw our first Chase the Ace draw held at the clubhouse.  We had a good number of members and non members on hand to witness our first draw.  Ticket draw was held at 8:15 and shown live on our Facebook.  The weekly winner was Jamie and Kim Carter.  They won $161.00. The Carter’s were not in attendance so the Ticket master Daryl McCully, drew the 5 of clubs.  Since the pot did not go this week, next week’s pot is a minimum of $701.25.  If the Ace of Clubs is drawn next week and if our sales are the same or similar, the pot will be over $900.  

Chase the Ace Rules



86 Golf Course Road, Petitcodiac, NB  E4Z 6H4


  1.  Ticket sales and draws will be held each Monday at the Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club at above noted address.  Tickets will be sold on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  from 10 am until 6 pm.  Thursday ticket sales shall be from 10 am until 10 pm.  On Monday (draw day) sales will be from 10 am until 8 pm.  Draw to be held at 8:15.
  2. Two part tickets will be sold at a cost of $2 each; 3 for $5; 10 for $10.  Ticket sales are restricted to those 19 years of age or older.
  3. Distribution of weekly ticket sales shall be:
  4.  20% to Petitcodiac Boys and Girls Club (The House project)
  5. 20% to winning ticket holder
  6. 25% to the accumulated Prize Pot
  7. 35% to Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club
  8.  Each Monday, one winning ticket will be drawn from that week’s ticket sales.  The holder of the winning ticket will win 20% of the total week’s sales plus a chance to draw for the Ace of Clubs accumulated pot.
  9. A standard deck of 52 cards will be used with the Ace of Clubs being revealed before each draw.  Once an individual ticket has been drawn, the deck will be shuffled, the cards placed face down (fanned out) on the table  and the ticket holder has the opportunity to draw for the Ace of Clubs.  If the Ace of Clubs is not drawn, that card is torn in half and the ticket holder is awarded the 20% of weekly sales.  The deck will be secured and locked onsite at the Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club.  This will continue until the Ace of Clubs is drawn.

Since our time noted for the Chase the Ace is only for 34 weeks, in the event that the Ace of Clubs has not be drawn on or before November 26, the draw shall be continuous on November 26 until the Ace is drawn.  All ticket holders who do not draw the Ace will share equally  in the 20% normally allocated to the winning ticker holder while the ticket holder who