Chase the Ace Results August 26th

Tonight was Chase the Ace Night. Guess What?  The Ace of clubs was drawn.    Ticket sales for the week were $573.00.  That meant the jackpot for the evening was $2571.45.  The ticket drawn tonight belonged to Norm D’Anjou.  Norm was not in attendance this evening. The designated ticket master of the evening drew the card for him.  The card drawn was the  Ace of Clubs. That meant that Norm wins the jackpot of $2571.45 and the weekly prize of $114.60 for a total of $2686.05.  The 50/50 sales for the week were $237.00.  The ticket drawn for the week belonged to Gail Kelly.  That meant that takes home$118.50 in cash.  Our congratulations go out to Norm and Gail.  Thank you so much to those of you who supported the draw.  Thank you to our charity partners, and thank you to our retail partners for helping us with the sales.  Stay tuned , we may have something else up our sleeve for an exciting fund raiser.