Chase the Ace Results May 13 ,2019

Well believe it or not the Ace went tonight!! We began the evening with technical trouble and were unable to broadcast live.  We did video the draw, and it will be posted on Facebook as soon as its working.  So ticket sales for the week were $418.00 .  That brought the jackpot up to $737.50.  The ticket drawn for the evening belonged to June Stoyles. June was not in attendance this evening so the ticket master drew the card for her.  The ticket drawn was the Ace of Clubs the big jackpot winner.  So June Stoyles takes home a cheque for $821.20 which is the jackpot and the weekly 20%. But wait, the story doesn’t end there.  The 50/50 sales for the week were $110.00 so that means the winner takes home $55.  Guess who the winner was ? June Stoyles.  Well Bryron, get ready for some teasing.

So despite this early result, we will have another application in the lottery department this week.  We will let you know when we are up and running again.  Hopefully very soon.  Big thank you to all those who purchase tickets, to our retail partners.  We will continue with the same charity partners on our next round.