Chase the Ace Results May 27,2019

Tonight was Chase the Ace night at PVGCC.  Ticket sales for the week were $384.  That meant the jackpot was $596.00.   The ticket drawn for the evening belonged to Larry Surrett.  Larry was in attendance this evening.  Larry drew his own card, the 7 of spades.  That meant Larry took home a cheque for $76.80.  The jackpot for next week will start out at $596.00.  The 50/50 sales for the week were $127.00.  The winner of the 50/50 was Larry Surrett (no ,not a typo). Larry took home $63.50 in cash.  Thank you to everyone for participating and buying tickets.  Remember you don’t have to be here to win! You can also get your tickets at our wonderful retail partners the Petitcodiac Super Variety and the Mctavy’s General Store in Salisbury.  Next draw is Monday, June 3rd, get your tickets and show your support Petitcodiac Fire and Rescue and Salisbury Fire and Rescue, and PVGCC.