Ladies and Mens’s Club Championship

This weekend saw the Ladies and Men’s Club Championships held:

Men’s club Championship played, the detailed results are:

The overall Men’s Club Champion was Roger Sears-144
The overall Low net was Justin Jones -134

First Division Results:                           Second Division Results:                         Third Division Results
1st gross- Braeden Burgess                  1st gross-Aaron Stiles-162                  1st gross-Gordie Crossman -174
2nd gross-Rick Howatt-148                 2nd gross-Bruce Goodwin-163             2nd gross-Mike Farrell-181
3rd gross-Mike McQuinn-159R           3rd gross-Gerry St. Pierre-163R          3rd gross-Donnie McLeod-185

1st net-Joel Gauthier-135N                  1st net- Clyde Hicks-135                              1st net-Victor Cox-138
2nd net-Robbie Hopper-137R             2nd net-Rick McQuinn-136                        2nd net -Earl Lane-144R
3rd-Brent Plume-137                             3rd net-Terry O’Blenis 138                         3rd net-Peter Moore-144

The Ladies Club Championship was played , results below:

The Ladies Club Champion is Laura Wesselius  (78-73)
1st gross Lisa Gay (176)
2nd gross Garda Crossman (177)

The low net Champion was Marilyn Pollock(68-71)
1st net Susan Chambers (143)
2nd net Tracy Sears(145)

Thank you and congratulations to all who entered and played.